Porche 911 Carrera Launch

Animation, Direction and Design for Porche 911 Carrera

Beautiful Noise

This is an excerpt of animation commissioned by Legs on the Wall and Raw Dance for "Beautiful Noise" Brisbane Festival. Music by Timothy ...

Sparkadia Animals

Direction, Art Direction and Editing of Sparkadia's Video Clip for the Song ...

Benny & Richie Show

Titles Design and Animation for the Benny & Richie

Hanson Underneath

Animation and VFX for Hanson's Music Video


3D Animation for Biowars TV

Evermore Dreams

3D Animation and Compositing for Evermore's Dreams - Dir. Josh

Turtle:The Incredible Journey

Shot Breakdown for Turtle The Incredible Journey. Turtle The Incredible Journey ...

Myf Warhyurst’s Nice – ABC

Titles for ABC's program Nice. Involved a recreation of the 1986 version of the Sale of the Century Set. Including Tracking and placement into a ...